Monthly Packages Starting from $390 per month 


Offering (2-3x) 30-45 min sessions per week or 9 hrs per month 


$1600+ VALUE for less than 25% of the cost!

Custom plans available including;

       - ADD/ADHD

       - Autism spectrum

       - Behavioural

       - Non-verbal

"All children need help sometimes.
Applewood is committed to helping every child reach their full potential & is proud to be part of such an amazing speech therapy program. The gift of speech changes lives and helps kids learn in an increasingly difficult world

Over the years there has been a growing need for speech language therapy with children. 


In 2014, the journal of pediatrics reported "...that there has been a 63% increase in disabilities associated with speech problems from 2001 to 2010..."


The need for speech therpay is growing every year and there are no affordable options and limited access for families. 


Early assessment, intervention, diagnosis and treatment for any developmental delay greatly helps & increases your childs chances of imporvement. 


Early intervention with speech, communication and language difficulties can ehlp prevent potential issues at a later age; such as behaviour, learning, reading and social interaction. 


Unfortunately for most parents, the ability to pay for private/group, speech/lanugage therapy is unaffordable. With most 45 minute sessions costing an average of $80-$210. 


Government cuts to health care & these programs have made wait list longer; therefor making early intervention nearly impossible. 


speakEASY lanugage therapy was developed to provide more private sessions for your child at an affordable, felxible rate as well as insurance coverage when applicable. 


An SLP registered with the Ontario Association of Speech Language Pathology & Audiologists is on site to provide direct program support & assessments to all children in the program. 


Assessments for autism, behavious support & ADD/ADHD is also available. 


speak EASY can continue with existing programs for children previously assessed as well as creating a complete program plan for each child to make sure that they have the best chance to reach their full potential. 


speak EASY in association with Applewood allows registered daycare & private school children the ability to have customerized speech lanugage therpay during school hours & not extending an already long day for parents through evening sessions or at home therapy that takes away from family time. 


Non-registered children have the same access or have the abilty to register for afternoon, evening or weekend sessions. 


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